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Sustainability Practices

Being a Green Company

  • Solar Energy – Our property runs on solar panels.  Every year we generate more electricity than we use!
  • Composting – plant debris is collected from job sites and put into our compost pile
  • Recycling – not only does our office recycle paper, cans, etc. but we recycle tree debris and waste into mulch and wood chips
  • Carbon Neutral – We plant more trees than we remove, and the number of trees planted each off sets our carbon footprint produced from the trucks and equipment we use.
  • Arbor Day – Every year we donate to have over 100 trees planted by the Arbor Day Foundation
  • Vehicles – Our designers drive Prius Hybrid vehicles to all their appointments.  Rick drives a plug-in Prius which is all electric for the first 50 miles … solar electric of course!
  • Nature & Wildlife – We have reserved five acres on our property for native grasses and wildflowers, as well as three acres of woodlands to support a natural setting for our neighbors, the local wildlife.

Giving Trees a second life. Our Newest Business!

We have started a sister company, Uncommon Woods, that creates live edge furniture, custom wood tables, and handmade décor.  Trees removed by our tree division are recreated into furniture pieces and art for your home or office.

Visit our live edge furniture site!