Customer Testimonials




Bruce, the yard looks awesome.  Thanks to you and your crew for all of your hard work.  Such a fantastic transformation!  We really appreciate it.

Katie & Mark E.

I recently had my entire front yard landscaped by Lincoln Landscaping. The crew was outstanding all the way from the landscape design architect down to the foreman who oversaw the work on site. The crew was professional, meticulous, and made sure to keep me informed of issues and progress all along the way. After the project was complete there were a few issues that came up and Lincoln Landscaping was quick to address my concerns in both a cost effective and time sensitive manner. I would recommend using Lincoln Landscaping to anyone and in fact plan to use them in the future for additional work at my home.

Jerrod W.

We were pleased with the price, service, and innovative design. They both pruned our trees and completed a landscape renovation with superb results. The crew was polite and didn’t leave a mess. We would encourage you to contact Lincoln Landscaping Company for either landscaping or arborist jobs.

P. J.

Thank you so much for my beautiful pond & plants. Finally I have my backyard just the way I always dreamed of having it. Thank you so much for your excellent work!

Mary Ann S.

I just want to send a shout out Loud of thanks and appreciation to your crew and designer, Jacob, for completing our project – last minute, rush – for the Hilltop House in North Lincoln, NE! We had previously talked to another company that completely dropped the ball, but from the moment I called your offices, I was treated professionally and with a sense of urgency. Your receptionist got me directed to Jacob, who I can’t compliment enough! He was responsive and followed through on every detail. And in spite of all the rain, Mario and his crew managed to get the project completed just in time for our opening!

Maggie W.

I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the landscaping work that your team did at my home. It looks absolutely wonderful, and I am already enjoying it! Jacob Gabig was very helpful and patient in reworking the design with me and finding nice, large plants. I also want to let you know how wonderful the two men who did the actual work at my house were, Mario and Sergio, especially Mario. I have worked and managed many people in the field, so I have a lot of experience with good and bad workers, and these gentlemen were among the best! First of all, they worked well together and made a good team. I was with them all day, so I observed first-hand how they worked quickly, efficiently, and diligently (only stopping for lunch). Second, they paid a lot of attention to detail and were very careful workers, for example, by making sure that plants were placed exactly how I wanted them and that the mulch was spread evenly and completely. Being able to work cheerful, positive, and seemed genuinely happy to make sure the work was don well. When it comes to handing out bonuses or promotions, I think they would be very deserving! They are excellent representatives for the Lincoln Landscaping Company.

Sabrina R.

Jacob, just a note of our appreciation to you, your crew and especially the two professionals, who completed to work on our front parking sod. They did a fantastic job! We are extremely pleased with their work ethic and the end result. Keep up the good work!

Ed & Lenora R.

Mario, Jonathan and Shawn really did a god job planting the River Birch trees and cleaned up when they were done. Todd carefully put the shields on the trees to protect them.

Ed & Lenora R.

We are appreciating the results of the project. Jacob created a good plan for our project and the workers did a good job of implementing it. I’ll recommend your business to others. Thank You!

Judy L.


Great job, super punctual and professional on a bitterly cold day. Equally good on taking down and string lights.

Patrick L.

Lincoln Landscaping Company, thank you for putting up our lights! They look great!

Tricia M.

We wanted to tell you that with both visits from your “decorators,” we felt they were so courteous and able. We remarked about that last year. We appreciated your good service and hope you have enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wynn N.


OMG, my yard looks great! Please thank Morgan for me.

Judy G.

could you please let Morgan know that she and the team did a great job on our spring clean up yesterday? Everything looks very nice. 

Rose S.

Thank you for your time and effort. The crew that was at our home was courteous and respectful. A lot of work was completed and our home has had a wonderful face lift and trim. We appreciate the professional work that was completed!

Tom & Cheryl B.


I was hoping you could pass along a big THANK YOU to Todd. He was out here a couple of months ago to do the re-install of our sump pump in the patio. During the install, he recognized that the pump wasn’t functioning at it’s best (last year the alarm had been inconsistent and the pump was not always responsive). He spoke with Rick, and they ultimately replaced one of the floats on the pump. Todd also made some adjustments to the installation. Ever since then, the pump has worked flawlessly!! With ALL the rain we have had so far this year, it has been an absolute blessing to not have a single drop of water get into the house. Please let Todd know that I feel like he went above and beyond – and it is truly appreciated!

Jane W.

Thank you! The patio and sidewalk look very nice!

Jane W.

I want to thank Jacob for assisting in the design for this project and acknowledge the first-rate work Todd, our project mason, put in on this project. I am impressed with his craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Mike B.

Just want to say thanks for a beautiful patio extension. It is exactly what we were wanting and just love it. Fantastic Job! 

Tim & Diann D.

Jacob, very, very pleased on the nice condition your crew left my property in. Fine work!! Love the new wall. Greatly appreciate your attention to detail on this

Steven R.


I appreciate your service and your staff. Steve repaired my outdoor lights and I am pleased. I will definitely contact Lincoln Landscaping Company again.

Shirley S.

Thanks for the prompt service. your employee, Steve, was extremely considerate and patient. you have great people in your business. Without exception!

Cathy R.


We want to recognize how smart you were to use the dry day and to keep us from even more water problems. Just naturally, we have too much water when it rains, and we will ask you back to help take care of more of that. I know we all have our very tiring and hard-working days, but, let us tell you, those two sweet men must have worked their heart and bodies to the last ounce of energy. They were moving continually in cold, wet mud. Thank goodness, they were able to shed jackets for a while in the afternoon. I know you are proud of what they do, but we are impressed with their work ethic and their knowledge and ability to put it all together for us. There must be a placed saved in heaven some day where all those achy memories will just melt away, but for now, just give them our thanks for the trust we can place in their hands. And Steve has the Christmas lights all shining in good shape. 

Wynn. N

We had several companies give us ideas/estimates to solve our back yard water drainage problem, but chose Lincoln Landscaping because of how professional and knowledgeable Rick presented himself when he came out to give us the estimate. I received a call a couple of days after Rick’s initial visit at 9 pm from Rick and his designer Jacob to clarify some things and had an estimate/drawing in my hand to review within a few days. We wanted a few changes so Jacob came onsite to hear our concerns, then delivered a design that met all of our needs. The team that did the work took great care to not tear up our lawn. When it was done it was exactly at designed. Shortly after we had several heavy rains and out new landscaping handled it perfectly. No more water problems! Great team that produces great results.

Todd G.

Of the three companies I had come out to give me ideas/estimates for a standing water problem in my backyard, Rick (owner) came across as the most knowledgeable and experience of all of them. A couple days after his visit he texted me around 8:30 at night to ask if he could call to clarify some issues with his designer Jacob before finalizing my estimate. Jacob sent me a drawing based on my original guidelines, then came onsite to get my feedback and finalize the estimate. The end result is exactly what we expected. They took great care to not damage my lawn. I had one minor issue I noticed a few days after the job was done. I sent them an email with a picture/explanation of the problem and they came out within 3 days to fix it. I definitely would recommend using Lincoln Landscaping Company.

Todd G.

I just wanted to pass along a HUGE thank you to Rick, Jacob and the rest of the team that worked so hard on transforming our nightmare of a backyard, to a beautiful VERY FUNCTIONAL respite. Most importantly, even with 7 inches of rain yesterday, we didn’t have a single drop of water in the house. I can’t possibly express what a relief that was. Having lived through months and months of mud and water flowing into the house, the emotional, physical and physiological relief of getting through the past 24 hours with out a single problem was worth every penny. Please let the entire team involved in our project know what a positive impact it has had on my husband and myself.

Jane W.

Thank You for taking care of the drain tube and working with me on this project long distance.

Sharla M.

Thank You for the great work done! Looking forward to the next big rain storm.

Amy B.

Rick, your guys did a fantastic job mulching and clean up of our yard. They even did some trimming, which I appreciate. Thanks for all you do for us. It is a pleasure working with you.

Chris Z.


Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we were with the job Tim and Ryan completed at our home today.  They were polite, professional, efficient and very skilled.  As a retired P.E. teacher, I can appreciate the outstanding strength and agility Ryan exhibited in climbing, staying balanced and pruning our trees!  Tim was equally busy the whole time lending support, making suggestions and hauling umpteen loads of branches to the curb.  He even took the time to gather up and dispose of a small pile of twigs that I had accumulated under a back bush–dead pieces that had fallen off the upper branches which I had gathered up before mowing this summer.  They did three ash, two pine and a sand cherry bush –all to our complete satisfaction!!  Thanks for hiring such great employees!!

Jo & George C.

We are so happy with the work your crew did on our two trees. Your business is a “class act”. The crew was very professional and thorough. Thanks a lot for your help.!

Faye B.

Your crew did an excellent job on the trees in my yard. I’m amazed they could trim the River Birch because it was like a maze of branches. The big ol’ cottonwood looks so much better with the stubby branches gone and the raggedy ones cut back. I’m proud to have the Lincoln Landscaping Company sign in my yard.

Sara B.

Rick Clark and the tree crew were truly unbelievable.  With a tree on our house and 2 more coming down they were here within 20 minutes of our call.  From calling utilities to shut off power and gas to arranging for patching of holes in the roof before it rained again to coordinating City Fire and Police activities.  The guys were as hardworking, professional and kind as any I’ve ever met.  Everyone went above and beyond!  I would encourage anyone to give them a call.  They aren’t just tree trimmers, they are family now!  Thanks again for saving our home.

Bryan D.

I want to thank you for acting so quickly to get my trees removed. I worried about the tree on the electrical line, which the other tree service that I contracted wasn’t that concerned about. You were very reasonably priced and I WILL recommend to everyone I know. Thank you again for acting so quickly.

Gloria R.

I am so glad I chose your company to climb in my trees! The professionalism and knowledge of your tree crew fused with their sense of humor and camaraderie made the experience a complete pleasure. Not only that I was more than pleasantly surprised to see them go the extra mile to ensure both yards and drive looked better after they left than when they arrived. Thank you also for responding so quickly to the downed tree situation. I am still in awe at how rapidly that second team took care of the problem. I’ll not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone!

Tricia M.

Lincoln Landscaping Company took out two trees, one of which overhung a building. It was a very large Hackberry that was split completely down the center. Wonderful experience! My previous estimate by another company was over $2,000 for one tree only. Lincoln Landscaping Company came out immediately and took two trees out for a total of $950. They chipped all they could and left me a nice big pile of mulch.  They cleaned the area thoroughly and left everything so clean I could mow without picking up any sticks. I would recommend them for anyone who needs a tree removed for a fair price and wants an excellent job well done!

John M.

Thank You for yoyur work – you have great employees, work was done in very good order, always cleaned up after themselves. Definitely will recommend to others.

Robert and Judy E.

Thanks for such great work! Your crew was outstanding and the trees look wonderful.

Larry D.


Thanks so much for you work on our yard.  IT LOOKS GREAT!!

Tim T.

This is our 2nd year of having Lincoln Landscaping spruce up our yard for spring. They cut back shrubs, mostly roses, trimmed up trees, spread 40 yards of mulch and cleaned up the old leaves trapped in bushes. They did a fantastic job! It looks really nice, they arrived on time, worked continuously to get it all finished by late afternoon, then used blowers to clean up the walks and drives, Their pricing was very competitive with 4 other companies I had bid on the work. They had done a great job last year thus the repeat business. The foreman even provided a personal cell number in case I had any concerns. They even happily tolerated my two dogs which I had to let out a couple times. Oh and this was all done on a day with wind gusts up to 54 mph. I highly recommend Lincoln Landscaping.

Johh K.

Most pleased to say once again – “Thank you for a job well done.” It’s nice to sleep easy knowing what was hanging heavy over the House has been eliminated. I totally appreciate not only the quality of work done but the friendliness, and professionalism of the crew. Once again they left the property looking better than when they started. Now if only Mother Nature could drop her leaves elsewhere…….

Patricia M.

The yard looks great after the fall clean up! Thank You!

Jim R.

Your guys did the heavy work very efficiently and as they said “lighting fast”. I enjoyed working with thenm and am looking forward t NO pond maintenance. The area looks nicely different. Thanks again.

Bee L.