Holiday Lights

Our designer meets with you and helps to make your decorating ideas a reality. Our commercial grade lights are custom made to fit your home or business. We can light the roof-line, garage door, archway, landscaping, trees or shrubs. Garland, yard art and wreaths are also available. You choose the lights and we custom fit them to your project.

Our service staff of decorators are trained in professional holiday lighting installation. Our pricing includes installation, removal, extension cords, timers, and 3-year warranty. Also included is free repair and bulb replacement throughout the season. Call us for a hassle free holiday lighting experience.

Benefits of professionally installed holiday lighting:

  • No time wasted shopping for lights, hanging up lights, or removing lights
  • More time to enjoy the holiday season
  • Stress-free Holiday Decorations
  • Heights and ladders are not a concern
  • Work is warranted-no worry over burned out bulbs or strands not working
  • No tangled mess of lights to store.

Lincoln Landscaping offers a wide variety of holiday lights, all of which come in a LED option. We no longer offer an incandescent bulbs. Here are the facts on LED vs Incandescent lighting to help you understand why incandescents are no longer the standard holiday lighting bulb.



  • .069 watts per bulb
  • unbreakable epoxy plastic
  • 200,000 hour lifespan
  • UL listed & Energy Star approved
  • 1 stand = 1,100 bulbs (Great for homes with minimal exterior outlets as well as large homes.)
  • Color is in the plastic and will never fade, chip or peel


  • .425 watts per bulb
  • Made from breakable glass
  • 3,000 hour lifespan
  • UL listed
  • 1 stand = 110 bulbs
  • Color is printed on

LED light/color options

LED Wreaths