About Us


At Lincoln Landscaping we enjoy what we do and love to work outdoors creating beautiful landscapes for your enjoyment. We pride ourselves on listening to you and incorporating your ideas into our designs. Doing the job on time, on budget, the right way with a thorough clean up at jobs end is part of our company culture. Our professionals and on-site crews, whether it’s landscaping, tree trimming or lawn care, are friendly and easy to work with. If you’re not happy, then neither are we. Please call us with any of your landscaping, lawn care, landscape supply, tree trimming, snow removal or holiday lighting needs.

245 Years of Combined Experience

  • Landscape Designer (Bachelors in Horticulture/Landscape Design)
  • Certified Pesticide Applicators
  • Nebraska Certified Arborist
  • City of Lincoln Licensed Arborist
  • ICPI Certified Paver Layers
  • NCMA Certified Wall Installers
  • Certified Holiday Lighting Installers
  • Certified Landscaping Lighting Installer

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“As an owner of a landscaping company and someone who has spent his free time hiking in places like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, the value of conserving nature is not lost on him.”


Tea with Rick

It’s hard for my employees to believe, but I really enjoy my time off. I enjoy my family immensely. My wife and I are lucky enough to still have a “little one” in high school. We enjoy hearing about her life as she grows up. I also have two older children that I don’t get to see as often but I try to get together with as much as possible.

I love to travel as much as I can, experiencing the world. I think this makes me a better person on many different levels. Car road trips can be just as much fun as flying to other places. I am always trying to capture small snippets of the beautiful world around us. Through photography, writing, or drawing. I am constantly challenging myself to capture small pieces of my experiences and convey them in a way to other people that will make them feel inspired.

I also really enjoy reading. I try to keep myself educated as to what is happening in the world locally, nationally, and globally. We all have an influence on the world, big or small. By keeping myself informed, I feel I can help keep my part as positive as possible.

When I hear from my team that a client has decided to hire another company in stead of us I am always disappointed. Not because we will make less money, because of our work eithic, we are always busy. But because I know the customer is not going to get the high level of service that we provide. Many times we have been told from past prospective clients that they should have hired us or we are called into fix what was done by another company. I hire professional, talented, creative people and it shows in our work and the whole customer experience. With that said we are not perfect but we are always striving to be perfect. If we make a mistake, we make it right in a timely manner. There is enough stress in the world with out us creating more for our customers.

I started Lincoln Landscaping for a few reasons. I have always loved the outdoors and have seen some wondrous nature in my travels as well as in my everyday living. I have been incredibly inspired by the beauty in the natural world around me at home and in the larger world. I try to share this inspiration by creating small pieces of these natural scenes in your back yard.

Second, I want you to work with a company that does what it says, completes projects to your satisfaction, and leaves you with a good experience. I want to make the world a better place and I believe by providing you with a positive experience, I have done that.

I also started Lincoln Landscaping to provide a positive, creative, enjoyable work environment for my employees. I do my best to keep our company a place where my employees can make a living doing what they love in an atmosphere of growth and opportunity.